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Business Talks

EEBA Business Talks

This year, the school is organizing conferences to talk about the professional activities of some of our parents.

This series of conferences is called Business Talks and aims to spark students’ interest in various sectors while promoting a culture of the professional world and its different networks and opportunities. These conferences are also open to teachers, other parents, and we hope to gradually invite external speakers.

Conferences typically take place on Thursdays, once or twice a month, between 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM, in the castle chapel.

Starting in 2024, the conferences are recorded and podcasted on Spotify.

Here is a list of parents who have already spoken about their professional activities:

  • Mr Jan Pie Aeronautics – Defense and Security
  • Mr Wim Hoogedeure Consulting- Industry
  • Mr Ozgur Karatekin Astrophysics- ESA
  • Mrs Ruxandra Rata Lawyer and juridical sector
  • Mr Andras Baneth SpeakerHub project
  • Mr Nicolas Tubbs Conservationist- WWF
  • Mrs Gabriela Gomez Coffee marketing – Starbucks – Nestlé
  • Mrs Ilse Noppen Leadership coach – Writer
  • Mr Patrick Mestdagh President of the Royal Chamber of Art Dealers
  • Mr Peter Gammeltoft European commissioner for Environmental issues – NGO that saves Sturgeon in the Danube
  • Mr Fredrik Larsson Climbing the highest summits of the world


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