In partnership
with Lycée Molière

Our mission


The academic program of the European Schools is designed to provide students with a high-quality education focused on academic excellence, multilingualism, and personal development. Through a rich and diverse curriculum, we aim to encourage intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and intercultural respect.


  • Multilingualism:  L1, L2 + Dutch from kindergarten onwards The kindergarten cycle welcomes children from the age of 2. 
  • The Primary Cycle consists of 5 years.
  •  7year secondary cycle
  • Two baccalaureate degrees: the IB Diploma program and the European Baccalaureate 

Student Monitoring

The school, through the choice among other academic programs, aims to be demanding regarding objectives and results, while adapting them to each individual’s pace and situation

Academic programs are essential tools in this process, but it is up to the teachers and the institution to transcend them as much as possible from an early age, in order to provide students with maximum opportunities and chances of success, and to instill in them a sense of learning.

Our mission is to promote theholistic development of students. In this regard, it is also the duty of the school to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach by integrating as many complementary activities to the academic program as well as extracurricular activities that align with the sought-after skills, in order to fully meet the educational mission of the institution :

  • Active methodologies: collaborative learning, based on reflection, construction…
  • Personalized monitoring: Project-based learning
  • Section for students facing difficulties
  • Learning Support
  • Active pedagogies: Different pedagogical approaches are used according to the needs of the child.
  • Outdoor Schooling

8 academic competences

EEBA promotes the 8 key competences for lifelong learning:

    • ‎Reading and writing skills
    • ‎Multilingual skills
    • ‎Mathematical competence and skills in science, technology and engineering
    • ‎ Digital skills
    • ‎Personal and social skills and the ability to learn how to learn
    • ‎Citizenship skills
    • ‎Entrepreneurial skills
    • ‎Skills relating to cultural awareness and expression

8 Life Skills

At school we do not only learn to read, write, count and calculate, we also learn to live together by respecting fundamental values that allow everyone to evolve and grow serenely. The 8 social skills conveyed in our school are :

  • Perseverant
  • Critical mind
  • Self-control
  • Hopeful
  • Considerate
  • Cooperative
  • Honnest
  • Respect


In our school, ecology is much more than just an idea; it’s a true mission. We are proud to announce that our school has been awarded the prestigious Eco-School label, a recognition of our commitment to the environment and sustainability. We strive to raise awareness among our students about environmental issues and encourage them to become agents of ecological change.

Every day, we integrate environmentally friendly practices into our school life, whether through recycling initiatives, reducing our carbon footprint, or adopting sustainable lifestyles.

Our students are at the heart of this approach. They are encouraged to take initiatives, propose innovative ideas, and take concrete actions to protect our planet. Whether through gardening projects, awareness campaigns, or clean-up actions, our children are fully involved in building a greener and more sustainable future.

We are firmly committed to this path and will continue to work towards a more ecological, healthier, and sustainable future.

To learn more, visit our eco-label page.

Cultural Activities

Our school offers a variety of cultural activities such as:

  • Eloquence and theater::We create plays with students starting from elementary school.
  • Music and Art: Exposure to music through classes as well as through other activities such as choir or music lessons offered as extracurricular activities.
  • Etiquette culture: politeness, table manners, conversations, eloquence, self-presentation skills, dress code, etc.
  • Cultivating a love for reading:An individual reading program has been implemented since kindergarten, and the library is open to all during school hours.
  • General and humanistic culture: The school often organizes cultural outings to the theater, opera, Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, etc.

Social Programs

Our vision is to change the world by doing good and focusing more on opportunities than on obstacles. We think globally, we act locally, we engage with the community.

  • Some students are involved in charitable associations in Brussels: Guetteurs de l’Aube, andDuke of Edinburgh’s.
  • CAS (Créativity Action Service),This project encourages students to show initiative, demonstrate perseverance, and develop skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making.
  • Partnership with an orphanage in Togo, “Le village de la Joie”