In partnership
with Lycée Molière


EEBA AND THE Lycée Molière

The Lycée Molière was founded in 1956 by Mr Paul Dechamps under the name École des Devoirs. The school’s primary purpose was to help pupils with their schoolwork after classes. In 1964, the first generation of students presented their final year project (equivalent to the Belgian baccalaureate). The Lycée Molière thus became a school in its own right.

Since 2008, Lycée Molière remains the only non-subsidized school in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to award CESS (Certificate of Higher Secondary Education) recognized by the latter. The diplomas awarded by Lycée Molière (CESS) grant access to all universities and colleges in Belgium and internationally.

2012, after 56 years of a passionate career, Paul Dechamps handed over the leadership of the Lycée to Félix de Merode, who surrounded himself with a team of enthusiastic young teachers to take on the challenge of giving the Lycée a new lease on life. One year later, it relocated from its historic headquarters on Avenue Molière to a beautiful mansion located on Avenue Franklin Roosevelt.

The new team endeavored to preserve the essential elements that have allowed the Lycée to maintain a special place among Brussels families for so long, while also leading a true pedagogical renewal, as outlined in its institutional project.

In 2016, following a request from the Belgian delegation to the European schools, Lycée Molière, in partnership with the Scandinavian School of Brussels (SSB), established the first accredited European school on the historic site of Château d’Argenteuil located in Waterloo.

Today, Lycée Molière has joined the European School of Brussels-Argenteuil (EEBA) on the campus of Château d’Argenteuil in Waterloo.