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EEBA is located in a beautiful landscaped park in the outskirts of Waterloo, 15 kilometers south of the center of Brussels.

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Phone: +32(0)2/357 0670
Address: Square d’Argenteuil 5 1410 Waterloo, Belgium

Our Location

European Nursery at Argenteuil

We offer a multilingual and multicultural environment from the age of two to five, following the European School’s Curriculum with a Nordic profile. We work with a theme-based approach throughout all that we do. Our Nursery offers a wide range of activities, encouraging exploration, experimentation and creativity.

Multilingual environment

All children in preschool learn English and French. We also offer different mother tongue sections, including French, English, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.

Social and individual development

We approach each child from a holistic perspective to ensure he or she develops individually and socially according to his or her specific needs.

The place to run, play and learn!

The château, school buildings and outside facilities are surrounded by extensive parkland, offering a safe and calm environment. These grounds provide plenty of opportunities to explore nature and develop motor skills. Our pedagogical approach to outdoor activities is centered on Nordic values — which means we play outside in all sorts of weather and instill a passion for the outdoors from an early age!

Pre-school education is fundamental to life-long learning and its purpose is to support children’s growth into responsible, moral members of society. Teaching and learning in these early years support and monitor pupils’ physical, psychological, social, cognitive and emotional development by providing the best possible opportunities, experiences and learning environment.

Learning in the early years is holistic with a strong focus on learning through play and the encouragement of  exploration and experimentation appropriate and meaningful to young children.

With our well-equipped nursery being located in the heart of the campus, we are able to include healthy outdoor play and environmental education throughout the year. We take advantage of the wide range of opportunities that the seasonal changes in the natural world have to offer. Teachers also organise events that connect the lives of the children to events in wider society and in their home cultures.

Key features:

  • Our nursery provides a safe and nurturing environment that supports each child’s active learning in a playful yet challenging way


  • We see every child as an individual, and follow and encourage their personal development


  • We offer a combination of European and Nordic methods and traditions

Our multilingual and multicultural nursery follows the European Curriculum which focuses on four principal aspect of the child’s development:

Parental Involvement

We encourage and welcome the support and involvement of our parents in the life of the nursery and hope to form a supportive and beneficial partnership between home and school where the child is always our priority. There is an ongoing informal exchange of information between parents and staff on a daily basis when appropriate, so that any difficulties can be addressed and achievements recognised.

Written reports on the children’s progress are provided at the end of the autumn and spring terms. There are also opportunities to discuss your child’s progress at the individual parent-teacher meetings that take place twice a year.

Parents are always welcome to discuss any areas of concern with the nursery staff. Our nursery is a place where children can enjoy positive learning experiences, develop confidence and grow in a healthy, nurturing, happy environment.

European Schools’ early education
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