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EEBA is located in a beautiful landscaped park in the outskirts of Waterloo, 15 kilometers south of the center of Brussels.

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Phone: +32(0)2/357 0670
Address: Square d’Argenteuil 5 1410 Waterloo, Belgium

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Ulf Mazetti, new Principal

Mister Mazetti’s professional background includes having taught foreign languages, developing Montessori schools (age 3-16 years) in Sweden as well as the role as school leader the last 10+ years.

Today he is in charge of a large comprehensive school in his home town Malmö, Sweden, called “Slottsstadens skola”.

“There are three aspects that guide me in my school leadership: I call them” Heart, Mind & Spine”. The Heart is always a part of what I do. Education is a passion for me, and this is my “Why” – why I show up every day at school and why I work as a principal. The Mind stands for being analytic and reflecting on the outcome. The Spine – this is the backbone, the courage, which is needed to successfully move a school forwards to even greater achievements. This means constantly asking ourselves what is successful and what we should continue doing, but also what we need to improve and even what we need to stop doing. Maybe we do not win the European Cup every day, but we try to score!”

We wish him a warm welcome and success in his new role.

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