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EEBA is located in a beautiful landscaped park in the outskirts of Waterloo, 15 kilometers south of the center of Brussels.

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Phone: +32(0)2/357 0670
Address: Square d’Argenteuil 5 1410 Waterloo, Belgium

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The secondary school years S1 to S3 (ages 11-14) will open with two linguistic sections in September 2017, an English and a French section. The school will then grow upwards year by year.

The secondary cycle lasts seven years. Children are admitted to the first year of secondary school when they reach the age of eleven and have successfully completed the full cycle of primary schooling at a European School or an equivalent institution.

At secondary level, students begin the study of a third language (from a wide choice of European languages where the creation of a group is viable), and continue studying the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, art and music.

 Lesson = 45 min.Lesson = 45 min.Lesson = 45 min.
Language of the section (L1)654
Second Language (L2)544
Third Language (L3)233
Integrated Science 444
Human Science 333
Religious studies/ethics222
Physical Education333


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